Thursday, 7 November 2019

December 19, 2018

Our 19th Yule calendar surprise comes from... you! Some time ago, I asked the LOTRO community to send me their Yule tree pictures, including local and personal indoor Yule trees, so that I could make a video from them for this calendar. It was a success: I received dozens of pictures from all over the world. Now, here is the video I managed to put together:

Yule Trees From Lotro Players

I am not a wizard with moving pictures, so I made a quite simple slide show video with some copyright-free music on the background. I hope that I didn't add too many mispelled names, mix up locations, and forget any sent pictures, forgetful and busy lass that I sometimes am. Many thanks to everyone who sent pictures, each and every picture was lovely! It cheered me up to see how grand this community is. And a special thanks to LOTRO staff for promoting this initiative in their B(e)acon Issue and elsewhere! Oh, and thank you for those lovely, new ingame Yule trees you designed for us! *cheers* A merry Yule to everyone!

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